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The influence of drapery or curtains is ideal witnessed in daylight, and with correct indoor light positioning, can seem attractive even during the night.[3]

เรารับประกันตลอดอายุการใช้งาน (ไม่มียกเว้นทุกกรณี)

(Theat) → Vorhang m; to fall the curtain → den Vorhang fallen lassen; the curtain rises/falls or drops → der Vorhang hebt sich/fileällt; the curtain rises on the scene of domestic harmony → der Vorhang hebt sich und gibt den Blick auf eine Szene häuslichen Glücks frei; to go ahead and take curtain (inf) → vor den Vorhang treten; to provide the curtain down on one thing (fig) → den Vorhang endgültig über etw (acc) → fallen lassen

› a bit of cloth or other material that hangs throughout a window or Place to decorate a space or to really make it dim or personal:

1. a piece of fabric which can be drawn across a gap or window, to shut out gentle or to offer privateness

a bit of material hung approximately act as a monitor in a window, on the theatre phase and many others. The maid drew the curtains; The curtain came down ผ้าม่าน at the end of the play. gordyn سِتاره завеса cortina záclona; opona der Vorhang gardin; tæppe κουρτίνα, αυλαίαcortina eesriie پرده verho rideauוילון पर्दा, पर्दा डालना zavjesa függöny tirai gluggatjald; leiktjald tenda, tendina カーテン 커튼 užuolaida, uždanga aizkars; priekškars tirai gordijn gardin, forheng, portière, sceneteppezasłona, kurtyna پرده cortina for every­dea; cortină занавеска; занавес záclona; opona zavesa zavesa gardin, draperi, ridå ม่าน perde 窗簾,(舞臺上的)幕 завіса, занавіска پرده màn cửa 窗帘,(舞台上的)幕

Flat panel curtains are very simple and functional: for making them, items of cloth are hemmed on all four edges on the front page and the ultimate rectangular or square piece is hung from curtains poles with clip-on rings or one thing very similar.[6] If pleated, the appear is strongly affected through the fullness of the pleats.

→ سِتَارَة závěs gardin Vorhang κουρτίνα cortina verho rideau zavjesa tenda カーテン 커튼 gordijn gardin zasłona cortina занавеска gardin ผ้าม่าน perde rèm cửa 窗帘

3D design and visualization Generate 3D orthographic or standpoint views to raised visualize and share your patterns. 

From Cambridge English Corpus He also introduced an entire kitchen device, a gasoline-cooker, heavy curtains For each and every home in addition to a 10-quantity encyclopaedia for here are more tips here his small children.

รับผลิตติดตั้งมุ้งลวดเหล็กดัด กระจกอลูมิเนียม ผ้าม่าน


..ช่วยออกแบบติดตั้งผ้าม่าน วอลล์เปเปอร์ ราคาถูกใจและคุณภาพดี.. ที่สำคัญ ทำตามใจลูกค้าต้องการ.. )

These illustrations are actually routinely picked and will comprise sensitive articles. Go through additional… Could it be curtains for theatre venue?

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